ChinaJoy 2017: Mechanist In the process of globalization.

China Joy as a famous annual game event has formally launched in Shanghai in 2017 which attracts many players, animation fans and industry insiders. Many top domestic and foreign game manufacturers bring their staple products to the show. With concept of high-quality research and development, Mechanist made a stunning debut in 2016. On this year's China Joy, two innovative and mysterious new products of Mechanist first came into view, reflecting once again the ingenuity, high-quality and globalization of our products.

Mechanist is an emerging enterprise who focuses on game development and was established in 2011. Our development team members come from China, New Zealand and many other countries. It has produced excellent game works such as City of Steam, Dream Raiders and Heroes of Skyrealm, which has achieved great success in global markets. City of Steam has been translated into dozens of languages, distributed in dozens of regions around the world, and ranked among the top 20 best-selling lists in many countries. Heroes of Skyrealm has been launched in many countries and regions around the world, and has been recommended by the home pages of App Store and Google Play in major distribution areas such as the United States, Canada, Finland, Norway, South Korea, Taiwan and so on.

"Globalization and high-quality" is the development strategy of Mechanist since its inception. Every game under Mechanist is a deliberate game with the global market as its goal. The same is true of two new mysterious works brought by the CJ, Mechanist, which are a mobile game called War Clash and a console game named God of Ruin.

War Clash is an RTS mobile game which is expected to offer users pure RTS fun. Co-ordinate the refreshing cartoon and the distinctive fighting units to give players a liberating visual experience. War Clash not only pays attention to the characteristics of the units, but also the development of personal strength, tactics and strategies in combat, so that players can get the feeling of fighting in RTS games back with friends.

God of Ruin is the first Triple Indie sub-era console game project developed by Mechanist. The PBR rendering technology based on physical rules is adopted in the fine arts. The magnificent, exquisite and delicate realistic art atmosphere effect was produced, along with a large-scale open exploration world was built. The core of the game is to create a collaborative combat system, innovative combinatorial decryption exploratory play. With a strong and suspenseful story, God of Ruin is a game that will attract players.

After years of hard work in the field of games, Mechanist has not only gathered excellent game elites from home and abroad, accumulated rich experiences in game research and development, but also produced a number of high-quality games welcomed by the global market. Mechanist always adheres to the production strategy of "globalization and high-quality", insists in what we are expert in, keeps innovation in the international perspective, strives to stand at the front of the market trend, and is constantly looking for breakthroughs in new areas of the game market. Let's wait and see how those games demonstrated in China Joy will perform in the future.

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