Mechanist Attends ChinaJoy 2016!

Even though the buzz from San Diego Comic-Con is winding down, convention season is still in full swing for us as we head to this year's China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, otherwise known ChinaJoy!  Held each year in late July or early August in Shanghai, this is the largest gaming convention in China, and easily one of the largest in the world. When the Mechanist team last attended ChinaJoy in 2015, feedback for Heroes of Skyrealm – still under its codename, Chrono Clash – was really encouraging.

Our current build of Heroes of Skyrealm, honed into fighting form with the help of our Closed Alpha testers, is the best one yet, and our booth is designed to make a real impact on the Shanghai crowd. This render shows what it will look like when completed:

And here's what the booth looks like in real, getting ready for the Mechanist team:

We'll be sure to keep you up to date with pictures and feedback, and feel free to drop by and check HoS at B705, W3, B2B – and as development continues, there's even more exciting news on the horizon. Stay tuned!

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