Mechanist Returns from GDC!

Let's get this out of the way right now: bringing Heroes of Skyrealm to San Francisco was an incredible experience. A team of four Mechanists brought two tablets and two phones to the Moscone Center, each running the world-premiere playable build for the full five days of the festival. Was it a challenge stay on our feet all week through demos and meetings, and to keep from losing our voices in the process? Definitely. Was it worth it? Absolutely!

Returning to GDC felt like the beginning of something big, and we're really excited to show you what comes next. But in the meantime… pictures!

Our booth, with Reinhard, Gatline, and Richter standing guard – and Huli and Kyldra close by!

Yifei helps walk an attendee through the game.

The winners of Best in Play were announced shortly before the festival, and though Heroes of Skyrealm wasn't one the winners, we were honored to have our festival build in the running. There's an undeniable spirit of excitement and pride at GDC, and it's great to be able to bring that home with us.

And speaking of things we brought back, we received a lot of great feedback for our GDC build of Heroes of Skyrealm, especially for our character designs. Everyone's favorite piratical shark-man Galleon got a great response, and we're really excited to show more of the cast as we move closer to release. Co-op boss raids proved to be a blast, as two teams of three characters teamed up to take down the fearsome Old Boomer Mk. 1.

And of course, GDC offered an opportunity to see how other developers work:

A closer look, including a bowl of complementary chocolate – the perfect fuel for mobile RPG action!

This year, it seemed like everyone was buzzing about the potential of VR. There were a lot of competing hardware and software offerings to sample, and every demo kiosk had the lines to prove it. Still, when the team managed to get a free minute to wander around, the view from the expo floor was inspiring. We saw devs, publishers, and students playing virtual basketball, fighting aliens, and even flapping their arms like birds! Will VR really prove to be the next big thing? Only time will tell…

As interesting as "Games on a Train" sounds, we'll keep developing in a stationary office, thank you very much!

But the most exciting results of GDC are yet to come, as the press begins to cover Heroes of Skyrealm in earnest. Stay tuned for features and videos giving you a closer look at Heroes of Skyrealm!

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