City of Steam Closes, and the Mechanist Team Reflects

If you reckon City of Steam's age by our official founding date, it's been five years – but the roots of the World Machine go further back than that. Before that, City of Steam was The New Epoch, and long before that it was an idea that would one day launch a development studio.

 But all good things come to an end. On February 1st, after an extended in-game fan memorial period, the door to Nexus that we called City of Steam: Arkadia closed for the last time.

 Saying goodbye is never easy.

 There's a lot to be said about the end of City of Steam, but we'll leave you with a brief look at how we paid tribute to the game that made Mechanist what it is today.

Fans gather to talk about the past – and the future. (Heroes of Skyrealm!)

This just in – a one of a kind commemorative poster.

Industrial age fantasy dessert.

City of Steam office swag over the yearsThe Mechanist team – and The New Epoch books that started it all.

As tough as it was to let go – and it was – we're even more excited for the release of Heroes of Skyrealm later this year! Stay tuned for more news as development continues!

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