Spirit Guardian

The world of Spirit Guardian started with Havoc in the Dreamland. The devastating war swept across every corner of the Dreamland kingdom, royal Dream Spirits were enslaved by the evil Lord of Dream. For the purpose of ruling the whole Dreamland, Morpheus, Demon of Corruption, attempted to control and corrupt all Dream Spirits via wars. Some Dream Spirits started fighting back to retrieve their freedom. They strode across dreams to reach the Dreamer and request for Dreamer-leading resistance against Morpheus. Make sure you get yourself prepared before heading into Dreams, the war has begun!

All characters are made by professional Designers that dedicated on Art Design for years, whether Princess Iron Fan from the Eastern culture, or Thor of Northern Europe, all of the characters are blending with shiny aesthetic elements. Tumbled desert blown by fierce wind, twisted alien plants scorched by heatwave, muddy swamp hit by ceaseless raindrops, all these splendid scenes make the 3D scene of a mobile project even better than some PC games.    


  1. Player can switch between Auto/Manual Combat.
  2. Auto targeting – target selection is not required.
  3. Attack Move is auto assigned on move actions.
  4. One click to cast skills - point and select is not required.
  5. Vanquish is available on full scores completion of a level.

We optimized and upgraded combat of the traditional ARPG from single mode to squad-based team fight, which easily makes the whole fight under control. The game provides simplicity on combat control and maintains the key elements of ARPG control at the same time. Thus, players are able to enjoy intensive and gorgeous combat ARPG experience while don’t have to change the way to control their mobile device.

Normal Difficulty
Kill all monsters in your way and beat mini boss at the end of the level.

Elite Difficulty
Monsters and bosses become tougher, but better rewards awaits!

Infinity Mode
Players must survive as long as possible in an uninterrupted session while facing increasingly difficult waves of challenges. Rewards are dropped after each wave.

Crucible Mode
Special challenges offers special currency cards, and experience cards.

Fight for Skill Books
Winner has a chance to gain Skill Book Shards.

World Boss
The World Boss challenges all players from the same sever. It's the ultimate competition of players' damage outputs


  1. Relax and watch the Async combat unfolds in full auto mode.
  2. Ranked matches insure fair fights for different leveled players.
  3. Backup system allows 3 teammates to enter the arena when needed. 7 v 7 grand battle is supported!

Progression System


  1. On activation of an Alliance, characters' attributes are affected.
  2. Runes, Levels of Stars and characters relationships can create different attributes for each Alliance.
  3. Backup members can also become Alliances with fighting team members in PVP.


  1. When a character reaches a certain level, he will be able to improve its Quality.
  2. Characters with higher Quality require more Crystals. The type of Crystals a character needs is decided by his property.

Stars and Levels

  1. Characters can level up by consuming other characters.
  2. A character’s Stars are raised by consuming an identical character.
  3. Raising Stars increases the progression rate of a character.

There are 3 types of Runes: Red Blue and Yellow.

  1. Different types of runes affect attributes accordingly. players are free to make and upgrade their own rune combination.
  2. Runes also create special combos when attached with different sets of characters.