City of Steam: Arkadia

toprightCity of Steam: Arkadia, the debut browser-based online RPG from Mechanist Games, transports players to an industrial-age fantasy where clockworks, steam power, and arcane technologies suffuse every aspect of existence, from the half-organic, half-mechanical dwarves to the giant gears of the World Machine itself.

City of Steam: Arkadia is set in the world of The New Epoch, a series of pen and paper RPG sourcebooks that illuminate an era of ambition and exploration of the World Machine by both ancient and emerging nation-states.  City of Steam: Arkadia focuses on the central City-State of Nexus, a metropolis where players, NPCs, and enemies of all the races and cultures of the World Machine can be found.  Each race, culture, and faction is richly detailed through architectural details, NPC interaction, clothing, quest dialogue, and flavorful items like newspapers. The course of history is changing, and players will become familiar with the forces driving that change from day one.

While the world at large rides a wave of industrial prosperity, Nexus itself has been left behind, its once-famed mineral wealth nearly exhausted. The Triumvirs struggle to maintain order as neighborhoods teeter on the brink of rebellion, sewers teem with mutated beasts, and abandoned factories swarm with mechanical horrors. As the Triumvirs’ influence wanes, ambitious factions emerge to fill the power vacuum. As players explore the city, they will have the opportunity to aid or oppose these groups, and in so doing begin to understand the harrowing scope of their goals.

jiqiren2City of Steam: Arkadia’s dungeon and quest structures will accommodate a great variety of play styles, from casual solo sessions to marathon dungeon runs. Our dungeons are networks of smaller player- or party-instanced levels, many of which can be completed in about ten minutes – even players with busy schedules can make progress. Those who choose to spend some time exploring the variety of environments beneath Nexus will discover surprising interconnec tions, shortcuts, and secret areas. Nexan history is filled with underground projects that collided with each other, so a sewer area could easily lead into a boiler complex, which could itself lead into a series of crypts
lost for centuries.

Players will wield a full, customizable repertoire of combat and support abilities against the numerous enemies that threaten Nexus. Direct damage, damage over time, debuffs, healing – all are available in both single-target and area-of-effect formats. There are up to 10 classes and 4 races for players to pick in-game, additional ones will emerge according to community demand.

Dungeon-crawling isn’t the only game in town. In fact, many of our quests won’t involve combat at all – social, economic, and political forces drive the changes in Nexus as much as a strong arm and a stout blade.

Players so inclined will have ample opportunity to customize their avatars to achieve a look all their own. Each character has 10 mount points for weapons alone, with any of them available for combat use in countless combinations with a single click. Familiar combos like sword and shield and dual-wielded daggers are possible alongside more exotic combinations, like dual pistols, dual wands, or wand and shield. Armor is separated into several discrete parts, so players can opt to assemble whole sets or mix and match whatever pieces they like.

Now we have different language versions published in China Mainland, Taiwan, North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Turkey, Russia and Poland, along with titles from profiled MMO Sites such as MMORPG, Gamesradar, Massively. CoS is also the first Chinese browser MMORPG greenlit by Steam’s Greenlight Porject. For more information, check out the City of Steam: Arkadia official site.


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