About Us

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Using cutting edge technology to develop the products, Mechanist Games is a young Xiamen-based independent browser/mobile game developer and publisher established in April 2011, through joint-venture between Fuzhou JW Games and leading Venture Capital. After 5 years of experience in game development, Mechanist Games has a group of experienced veterans and young crew powered by professional innovation and passionate.
Our international development team is made up of enthusiastic members from China, New Zealand, the United States, and other regions around the world. The team has been studying and using Unity 3D engine to develop games from the very beginning, there are difficulties, there is excitement, but what matters is, we grow as a team. We have an entertaining and dynamic work environment, learn new things daily, and have plenty of good laughs!

As we are dedicated gamers ourselves, we want to develop games with integrity and hope that this passion manifests itself in the games we create.

Already years in development, our first game, City of Steam: Arkadia, evokes an industrial age fantasy set in a mechanical world during an industrial revolution where the boundaries between science and magic have begun to blur, where humanoid steam toilers patrol the streets and leviathan airships float just above the rooftops.

The game is based on The New Epoch, a series of table-top game books written by David Lindsay, co-founder of Mechanist Games and currently our Creative Lead. Now we have different language versions published in China Mainland, Taiwan, North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Turkey, Russia and Poland. For more information, check out the City of Steam: Arkadia official site.

Spirit Guardian, our first 3D Squad-based ARPG and Card Collection game, truly extends the potential of Unity technology. It contains hundreds of 3D card characters and scores of 3D scenes that create a magnificent gaming world. In a fantasy dreamland, players can encounter mythic figures of different cultures and even ages: The Monkey King, Medusa, Venus, Thor, etc. In addition, the revolutionary gameplay experience, next-generation graphics and stunning game music all make Spirit Guardian possesses the potential to shake the foundation of the mobile gaming market. We optimized and upgraded combat of traditional ARPGs from single character mode to squad-based team fights, while maintaining the ability to easily control the entire fighting experience. The game provides simplicity on combat controls while maintains the key elements of ARPG control. Right now Spirit Guardian is available for downloading on Appstore and Google Playstore of all English-speaking markets.